Wednesday, November 29, 2006

No Internet Access....

We have no internet access.

"How then?", you ask, "are you able to blog?"

I'm at the library.

I left Olivia at home with Brillo Man and I've escaped to read my favorite blogs.

Our DSL is down for the count --have no idea when we'll have internet access at home. The tech. support people have passed our case along to "someone who knows more than they" and they're supposed to call us back within 48 hours!!!

48 hours!!! Do they even have a CLUE that I can't possibly go without blogging for 48 hours?!!

....I may not get back to the library until Friday morning --without internet until then.... I'll be needing medication to get me through!

In the meantime, I've checked out several books.

My reading recommendations: This morning I checked out The Christmas Box by Richard Paul Evans. I've already finished it --it's not a very long book - but it's a good book. If you haven't read it ---go borrow it from the library and read it.

I came back to the library this evening to get three more books: Timepiece, The Letter and The Locket all by the same author. The first two I mentioned are the 2nd and 3rd in The Christmas Box trilogy.

Brillo Man thinks that I'm at the library just to get the books. Truth be told --I had to BLOG!!!!

No pictures though ---the library computer has no photo file for me to store a photo and then upload to blogger. What is up with that?!

....Until Friday....happy blogging...I'll be thinking of you all!

P.S. A very dear friend told me earlier that she may be disconnecting her internet access permanently. The very thought caused me to start shaking uncontrollably!


Birmingham Girl said...

That's just not acceptable...
I need for you to blog!!
How close is the library? Doesn't brillo man and Ms. O need some books?

char said...

Try a thumb drive.
Load pictures from there.

Deb said...

Techno wizards that we are...we don't have a thumb drive....

KayMac said...

argggggghhhhhh....i hate when i am internetless.

aurora brilloealis said...

I feel so used.

Jada's Gigi said...

Oh dear, I'll be praying for you..for your mood swings...and your computer loss..they aren't related are they?? :)

Birmingham Girl said...

What's a thumb drive?
Poor aurora Brilloealis ~ needing some comfort from you!