Saturday, September 09, 2006

the short list

here's the short list of the things I don't like:

gasoline is $2.69 a gallon in my town --while just 77 miles away, in my sister's town it is $2.24 - what is up with that?

knowing that it's almost midnight and I have to get up early for church and I haven't yet taken a shower and shaved my legs

irreversible brain damage

boston creme donuts (I know, not cool)

driving at night on the interstate while it's raining

knowing that my daughter is growing up way too fast

mustard on hot dogs

too much whipped cream on pumpkin pie

dirt under my fingernails

when my 75 pound dog leans all over me after he's been in the pond

Good n'Plenty candy

ketchup that is NOT Heinz (if it's not Heinz --it's not TRUE ketchup)

people who go around sniffing all the time refusing to blow their nose



stepping in dog poo



Becky said...

like the list! That is one nasty picture-ewwwww ick!

dawnaj1958 said...

How can anyone beat the dog poo??? You are the queen...of what?

Birmingham Girl said...

Dear Deb,...that's one ucky picture!!
Good list, except the Boston creme donuts and too much whipped cream. There is never too much whipped cream, you could even put it on my Boston creme donuts!!
I've been working on my list of don't likes too...stay tuned, but don't look for a picture of a nasty q-tip, I'll let that one belong only to you!
I hate that word verification thingy..I always have to do it several times, and it WILL be on my don't like list!

Jada's Gigi said...

WEll there are a lot of things on this list I don't like either! LOL
Now what made you think of them?!?!

Who would you guess that I am ? said...

You left out things that rattle while driving.

But that's a pretty cool color...I mean I really like it, kind of honey-ish