Sunday, September 17, 2006

21 Things For Which I'm Grateful

  • Lazy Sunday afternoons
  • Peach flavored iced tea
  • My favorite pair of comfortable jeans which even I won't wear in public
  • A freezer full of fabulous Rich Plan food!
  • Vanilla scented candles
  • The smell of fresh cut grass
  • Crisp Autumn evenings - just before dusk.
  • 140 lb Cold Press Watercolor Paper (it's an artist thing)
  • My daughter's laughter
  • Black Raspberry Custard ice cream
  • Self-adhesive stamps
  • A husband who doesn't mind if the house isn't clean
  • A Harvest Moon
  • The smell of Crayola Crayons
  • A newly sharpened pencil
  • Shiny, new copper pennies
  • Antiques
  • The movie, The Sound of Music
  • The ability to sing
  • My memory foam bed and pillow
  • A handful of wildflowers picked just for me by our daughter

    For what are you grateful?

    dawnaj1958 said...

    OK Deb Doodles, Here's my take on this. First of all did you know Peach tea is my ultimate fave?? Love the Rich Plan food and the savings. I love The Sound of Music. Wait til p.t. practice and we'll sing, "The Hills are alive..." (God Bless Jim for tolerating and even laughing at our nonsense!) Great list, but on mine I'd have to add chocolate. You're slipping.....

    Birmingham Girl said...

    I share a lot of things on your list except maybe the 140 lb paper and the ability to sing. So how is that memory foam pillow? I was thinking of buying one.
    I'm grateful for the air that goes in and out of my lungs and my beautiful America and family and friends like you and chocolate if I so desire to eat it, and I usually do.

    Sara said...

    minus the singing and a lovely daughter picking me wildflowers; ditto on your list!

    Jada's Gigi said...

    So many things! But I do thank God for my memory foam bed!! Iced tea, freshly mown lawn, my cut little car, my Jada's silly sense of humor, my daughters new husband, my other daughters new job and some stability in her life, my son's work ethic, my ability to hubby's homecomeing TODAY!! Yay...the list could go on and on...oh yes, my beautiful red blouse I'm wearing today...yeah, I love it! :)

    KayMac said...

    oh, great list!!!

    Margie said...

    I'm also thankful for my daughter's laughter. It makes me smile just to think about her giggle.