Monday, September 18, 2006

Exhausted - OR Where's a Good Pizza Delivery Person When You Need Him?

Well - I decided to take advantage of this beautiful day - Sieze the Day, if you will and get some painting done which I started several weeks ago. Until today I haven't seemed to find the time (or else the weather was uncooperative). I've been working on painting the cinder block along the basement which is exposed. Originally it was "battleship gray". I've painted it green --to match the shutters. It looks SO much better! (click on photo for a larger view.)
The block wraps around the house, of course, and appears on three walls - all but the front which is at ground level. Most people would be able to accomplish this task in two days. One day per coat of paint. Not me. I have to do it in eight foot sections --take a break for a day and come back and do coat #2 on the first section and then paint another section.... It's this whacko disease that I have - MS. It totally zaps my energy. My goal is to have the block painting completed before the snow flies. I have one eight foot section which needs two coats and a 16 foot section on the other side of the house which needs a second coat.

The problem I'm facing now is that my husband will soon be home from a long and trying day at work and I don't have dinner prepared. I have no energy to stand in the kitchen and cook. It's just not happening. What was that you say? Order a pizza?! Ah - simple solution. Not. We live out in the "middle of nowhere" and there is no decent, respectable pizza place that will foot the gas bill to deliver a pizza way out here.

I think tonight's going to be a PB&J kinda night.

So...what good things are you eating for dinner? ....nevermind...I don't want to know!

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Margie said...

sister, you got to use the crock pot!!