Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Have any of you ever seen the television show, Wife Swap? It's a reality show where the wives in two families switch homes for two weeks. For the first week, they are required to live as the homeowning wife, following all the rules of the household. The second week, they are allowed to "mix things up" and ask the family to live by their rules. At times, it's total chaos and often makes for what the networks say is "good" television.

Usually, at the end of the swap period, both families have been able to glean some good from the experience. Taking with them new ideas to implement and improve their relationships with their families. Seeing that living life a little differently than they normally live may not be such a bad thing in the end.

I watched a recent episode where a SUPER organized, bin and label organizing Mom switched place with a Mom who lives her life as a pirate - literally --costume, attitude, etc. It was definitely a swap of women from two different worlds!

It was with horror and disbelief that I viewed the disarray of the home from whence the Pirate came. There were clothes on the bedroom floors - six inches thick - fleas all over the house - nothing in its place. The 'neat freak' super organized home had everything labeled and placed neatly in bins --even the FREEZER shelves were labeled as to where to put the vegetables as opposed to where to put the meat.

As you can imagine, both of these women were stepping WAY out of their comfort zone! The stress level between the "new" wives and their "new" families was at times, overwhelming!

I looked around at my home and decided that I'm somewhere in between (i.e. the clothes on the bedroom floor are only one or two inches thick and the freezer is organized, although not labeled, and we have no fleas...only an occasional housefly which sneaks in because someone leaves the door open too long while going in or out.

Then I started to think about our upcoming challenge of becoming foster parents. Undoubtedly, there will be kids coming into our home who will be way out of their comfort zone. I have no idea how we're going to "mix" together. Our attitudes, belief systems, habits and patterns of living will more than likely be very different. I'm thinking that there is potential for major stress on everyone's part. But I’m praying and trusting God that we will all benefit from the experience. Praying that I may learn not to be so ‘rigid’ and not to set my expectations too high and perhaps the children will learn some things that will help them to better their lives as well.

Lord, help me to "go with the flow"!


dawnaj1958 said...

I struggle with the "Oh my gosh, my house is a disaster"all the time. I am learning to live with a few things here and there. Dave and I just picked up 11 pair of shoes off the patio. Now that's enough to get upset over! But why?? Nobody died. As I told you before, stop worrying about this foster parenting thing. You and dh will be wonderful. It's all about loving the kids. That's what you're best at.

Birmingham Girl said...

Just don't wear a pirates costume and say aarrggg and you'll be fine!
That pirate family was quite unusual to say the least, I don't blame the guest mom for staying in a hotel!