Monday, July 10, 2006


Tomorrow, my husband goes into the hospital to have hip replacement surgery. Up until this point - I have been very calm, cool and collected about the whole process, but have to admit that this morning I awoke with anxiety.

I know that this is just a trick of the enemy to get me thinking about all the things that could go wrong. In fact, just last night, I sent a "kick-the-devil-in-the-butt" email to a friend who has been going through some tough times. I had NO problem reminding her where her heart and her attitude need to be. So, why is it, whenever I'm so quick to give encouragement to my friends, I have a problem "practicing what I preach?!"

This morning ---I'm just going to repeat this verse from God's Word and determine in my heart to grab hold of it and not let go!

Peace I leave with you,
my peace I give unto you:
not as the world giveth, give I unto you.
Let not your heart be troubled,
neither let it be afraid.
--John 14:27

I covet your prayers for Randy as he has surgery tomorrow!


Birmingham Girl said...

I'm kicking the prayers into high gear...just want to warn you! May God give Randy (and you) perfect peace as we both know is His desire. I know your computer time will be taking a back seat, that's OK, we're still here in the sidelines praying!

John Cowart said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes.
I hope Randy comes through this surgery with flying colors.

char said...

Continuing to pray...

benning said...

How did the surgery go? My step-dad had his knees done some years back. Then a few years ago he had a hip done. He healed well, but it was a painful time - and he was not a young man when he went through this. I expect your young man will have a fine healing time and a short one, too!

GOD answers every prayer - that's why it feels so good to talk with HIM. HE's always there~! :D