Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Independence Day

On this day of Independence, I am reminded, not only of the wonderful freedoms we enjoy in our great nation, but I'm reminded of the freedom that I enjoy in Christ.

Freedom from bondage - freedom from guilt - freedom from my past. Jesus gave His life for you and I - paid a debt He did not owe. He was sinless - yet took on our sin in order to redeem us from an eternal life without God.

So, on this Independence Day - I not only am thankful for those who are representing our nation - fighting for our freedom - But I am grateful for Jesus --The King who left all the splendor of Heaven behind, humbled Himself and came to this earth to give His life for mine.

My prayer is that each of you will experience the freedom that only comes from knowing Jesus as your personal Savior.

Happy Independence Day!

In New York Harbor stands a lady,
With a torch raised to the sky;
And all who see her know she stands for
Liberty for you and me.

I'm so proud to be called an American,
To be named with the brave and the free;
I will honor our flag and our trust in God,
And the Statue of Liberty.

On lonely Golgotha stood a cross,
With my Lord raised to the sky;
And all who kneel there live forever
As all the saved can testify.

I'm so glad to be called a Christian,
To be named with the ransomed and whole;
As the statue liberates the citizen,
So the cross liberates the soul.

Oh the cross is my Statue of Liberty,
It was there that my soul was set free;
Unashamed I'll proclaim that a rugged cross
Is my Statue of Liberty!

Written by Neil Enloe former member of The Couriers

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Birmingham Girl said...

OK, I'm at work reading all your blogs (which probably isn't a good thing to be doing at work) I've missed while I was at the cottage. Apparently I've missed a lot. I totally agree on the garage sale much work for the monetary pay back. Although it seems like when I go to others, I spend a lot! We to have to much 'stuff' but are to lazy to tackle it! Now I just give it to charitiable organizations!
You have so much to share, seriously think about putting it into some sort of manuscript, you will touch so many with your story, you've touched me deeply.
Hey, did Olivia sing "It's a grand old flag" on the 4th?