Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Okay...I'm trying really hard not to lose it. My laptop has found itself in this continuous loop ---it will attempt to start ---then it goes to a screen that asks if I want to start it in "safe mode" or "safe mode with networking" or "safe mode with something else or the last known working configuration ....and maybe a few others that I can't figure out. It will count down the seconds and attempt to start - then goes to a blue screen for about a second --not even long enough for me to see what it says - then it shuts down and does the whole thing again ---over and over and over. It's been "looping" for over an hour and I can't get it to stop.

What has me near hysteria is that all my digital photos of Olivia are on that computer --and I can't access them. I'm afraid that they may be lost forever. Can anyone help?

Does anyone know how to stop the loop and get windows to start again?

I'm using my husband's desktop to type this.

When I think of the lost files on my laptop --I could just freak.


Hikingalong said...

Sounds like you need some maintenance on your computer. If you hold down the F8 key right after you turn on the power button and hold it down until you see the windows start up screen come up, you will have the chance to do some things in safe mode that will help you out. In safe mode, (I'm assuming you have XP) go to the start button and then choose programs and then accessories and then system tools. When you get to system tools, first do a disk cleanup and then defragment the system. After you've done that, if you have a virus scanning program like Norton or McAfee, run that for a system scan of your computer. After you complete all of those tasks, shut down your computer and then boot it up again. Hopefully your problem will be solved. Hope that helps!

BHGA said...

Hi Deb ....

Stopping by to say hello...wish I knew how to help you out.

God Bless

Marla Bean said...

Hmmmm.... Buy a Mac?

Computer problems are frustrating! Sorry I can't help. I'm a Mac-user.

Terry said...

dear deb..
i am using the trick i do when i don't want anyone else to see this comment but you..
you are NOT a liar deb.
you are as far away from being a liar as can be.
i don't like to cause waves, so you can delete this if you want.
you know because my hands get a little tired the last week, i haven't been visiting as much as i like the different blogs..
i have been reading your blog from the beginning and it is such a wonderful blog... chuck full of gold..
so i really resent you being called a liar even in jest.
mom golden used to tell us that "shut up" and calling someone a liar are bad words....and i will never do it.... should see how fast my sore hands are typing dear sweet deb
ha bernie always knew that i was mad if i speeded up my terry are doing just fine in the way you are bringing olivia fact just the bestest..