Saturday, December 03, 2005

December Blues

December didn't start out very well for one member of our household. Chauncy, our beloved pet Lab/Springer mix dog was hit by a car. He's going to be okay ---but it was a nervous night for us filled with lots of tears and lots of prayers. He's going to take some time to heal. And then there's the issue of the masses that showed up on his chest x-ray which are unrelated to the car accident. (We'll deal with those in a week or so after most of his bruising heals and the vet is able to examine him better.) That has me worried. Chauncy still has a lot of life left in him --and I'm not willing to accept that he may have something that would cut that life short. It never ceases to amaze me how a pet can grab hold of your heart. They are truly like members of your family --like your children. And their love is unconditional. No matter what mood I'm in --or if I neglect Chauncy because I get busy with something else --or if I forget to give him fresh water....or no matter that I've committed one of countless other "sins" toward him in his nine years of sharing his life with me --He still loves me - unconditionally. People don't do that. We have baggage. We hold grudges. We live with unforgiveness in our hearts. We criticize. We think we're better than the next person. We put conditions on our love. You know what? We all need to be more like our dogs.


John Cowart said...

Hi Deb,
Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday.

Our black lab, Sheba, lived with us for 17 years before she died. She was one of the brightest treasures in our life. I hope Chauncy recovers fine. You're right, "We all need to be more like our dogs".

Anonymous said...

Yeah, if we could just be like our dogs...that unconditional love thing. They do it so well, we don't. Thanks for stopping by my blog. My doggy got hit by a semi truck!!! this summer. He actually survived b/c the guy pressed the brakes as hard as he could so the impact wasn't as bad as it would have been. My dog was staying at a friend's house in another city. After being hit, he ran into the woods and disappeared. Then, one day, he showed up on her doorstep. It was a miracle! We had so many people praying for him. And my children learned a big lesson from this: God does answer our prayers! I'll be back.

Char said...

I agree, we all need to be more like our dogs!

We had two beautiful Cocker Spaniels who were ages 12 1/2 and 10 years old when we had to let them go. They both had multiple problems and had aged WAY too quickly so we decided to let them go together. It's been almost two years that we've been dogless [we couldn't have a pet while I was ill]. AND...we 'happened' to see a notice about a two year old blonde Cocker Spaniel that needed a home. Alas, we are 'dog people' again!! His name is JayJay and he's a little sweetie.

I remember Chauncey well and I pray he makes it through this ordeal. May God comfort you during this time. He understands everything about us, including our love for our pets.