Thursday, July 26, 2012 is summer, after all.

It's been more than a month since I've blogged. I'm way overdue. It's after midnight.

The glow from my laptop and one tiny desk lamp are all that's lighting this corner of my home. There is a moth fluttering around the light. It's a bit annoying. I'd turn out the light, but then I couldn't see as well and the moth would just begin to flutter around the computer screen and that would be more annoying.

I have nothing profound to say. The Summer is slipping by and I've been in some sort of a limbo state. I only do what is absolutely necessary to survive. I've tackled no big projects or delved into any of the dozens of books I said I would read during the Summer months.

Soon it will be time for me to start back to school. And I will look back on these days regretting that I haven't filled them more fully with all the projects I had planned.

Instead, I am just 'being' - perhaps that's not such a bad thing. Being, instead of doing. Too often I am doing and not enjoying the being part.

Like the annoying moth that is flitting and fluttering around this light...I think I need to squish it.

That is all.


Pat said...

Summer is the time for being or doing what ever feels right. So, consider your time of being as needed and fulfilled. I go through periods like that myself, and I think I'm kinda-sorta accepting it.
Hope you squished that moth.

Mrs.N said...

I know exactly how you feel. Since we moved to Japan and it's mostly just "us" I'm ...lost. I have this overwhelming need to "DO SOMETHING" important every day...but...most days..I dunno, the times slips by and before you know it all I've done is the housework, cooking and maybe teach a class. Maybe that's just the way it is when we get older. Maybe I'll blog about it... hugs xoxo

Mrs.N said...

By the way...I DID write a blog post and I linked your blog in it...just thought I'd tell you.