Sunday, June 03, 2012

Random Stuff About Me

I'm writing a blog post - random things that you may or may not know about me. I stole the idea from my friend, Victoria, however, since I'm giving her credit, it's technically not plagiarizing her idea. I think.

1. My wedding rings are too loose and spin around all the time. Drives me nuts. I won't get them re-sized for fear that the jeweler will mess it up.

2. I spent considerable time changing the background of this blog before I submitted this post, simply because it was time.

3. I have always loved my name, Deborah Louise, but have secretly been upset because my mother's cousin has a daughter also named Deborah Louise. What is up with that? She was named first.

4. There is no way to mend my daughter's broken heart over finishing Fourth Grade and leaving her favorite teacher behind.

5. My hair used to be so thick that my hairdresser had to thin it out for me. Now it's getting so thin that I take biotin supplements in a desperate attempt to not feel as if I'm going bald!

6. I have more scratch paper than I can possibly use in a lifetime. (This would be the blank sides of printed-on-one-side-pages.) I cannot possibly throw them away.

7. Greeting cards from friends and family...I typically keep them. Unless you're just an "acquaintance" - then I'll cut the card in half and save the front of the card to use again as a postcard while discarding the back of the card which has the writing on it. I've been doing this all my life. I think I've only ever re-used three card fronts as postcards. Ever. It's a disease. I'm convinced.

8. I have a lot of trouble with people who believe that coloring always must be done "in the lines." Art is so much more than that!

9. My good friend in college once wrote a paper for me which I submitted as my own for extra credit. I was busy studying for finals. She was bored as she had no finals (she was student teaching.) That paper caused me to get an "A" in the class. I may have only earned a "B" - I do not recall. I have felt guilt and shame about this for YEARS!

10. I despise being on "terminal hold" when "continuing to hold for the next available representative."

11. When my husband was away for the weekend, the surveyor delivered a survey of our property. I put it "someplace safe" - and now I have no idea where it is.

12. Recently, I discovered a stash of Christmas gifts which I never gifted. I'm wondering if they can be returned? They are three years old.

13. I'm sometimes disorganized. (You're saying, "No! Really?")

14. Our entire house is wallpapered. It was that way when we moved in. I loved the paper everywhere. I still do, but I'm so "over it" and want to redecorate (especially our daughter's room) but don't because I know it will be too much work.

15. I love our satellite XM radio which we have in our vehicles.

16. I cannot throw away bubble wrap until all the bubbles have been popped.

17. Our dog is afraid of the popping bubble wrap noise.

18. I must pop bubble wrap in organized rows.

19. My daughter prefers to twist it or walk on it. This bubble-popping procedure drives me nuts!

20. As I've been typing this post, I have thus far been on "terminal hold" with a company for 25 minutes.

21. I am fascinated with magnets.

22. I love thunderstorms.

23. When making french toast, I always add vanilla and cinnamon to the egg/milk mixture.

24. Several cards have been sent by me to my current "secret sister" at church...but thus far I have received nothing - and a birthday and anniversary have come and gone. I'm guessing whomever has my name this year is a "dud"....did I just call someone a dud?? One year my secret sister died. I hope that's not the case this year!

25. I take vitamin supplements almost every day - but am very non-compliant whenever it comes to medications.

26. One year when I was in college, I "wallpapered" an entire wall in our apartment with empty boxes. It was quite colorful to see the images of Cap'n Crunch, Tony the Tiger, etc, all over our walls. I'm almost tempted to do it again today. (Please refer to #14.)

27. I've been working on this silly list for several days.

28. The last book I read was The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn. I HIGHLY recommend it!

29. I own more books than it will ever be possible to read in several lifetimes. It is impossible for me to part with them. They are everywhere - in cabinets in a shed, in cabinets and on bookshelves in the basement, on bookshelves near my desk, on bookshelves in the bedroom, stacked in boxes and in bookshelves in my studio area. If I had $1 for every book I owned, I probably could take a vacation. My husband was thrilled when I bought a Kindle - (I have over 100 books on my Kindle---that's 100 less books cluttering up our house.) Currently, I'm reading two books: Convicted by Tim Hughes (a free book I downloaded onto my Kindle via Amazon. It's actually very good thus far (I'm on chapter six), and Lying on the Couch by Irvin D. Yalom, a "real" book recommended by an author of one of my textbooks. Both are works of fiction. Oh, and I'm reading Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity - nonfiction - one of the textbooks for my next class.

30. This is #30 - I'm trying to decide if I should stop this list now, since it's a nice "round" number, or continue to bore you with more....

31. The bookmark I'm using for the above-referenced "real" book is a business card from Papillon Paper Emporium - a gift shop in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho, from a trip I took there two years ago. Did I mention that I have trouble discarding business cards? I mean, if people and businesses go to all the trouble of creating and printing business cards and/or paying someone to do the same, the least I can do is cherish their card forever and ever. By the way, I have learned via their website that Papillon Paper Emporium has since moved to a new location - thereby making the business card which I have in my possession completely worthless. I still cannot throw it away.

32. Okay - just one more for good measure: I haven't painted my toenails since the first week of December - I'm thinking since it's Summer, and sandal weather - it's time.


Mrs. Mac said...

Wow. That's a lot of newsy (nosy) tidbits to swallow in one gulp ;) I had no idea about Papillon not being at the same spot .. will have to find where they moved .. leave it to someone in PA to tell someone in ID a local store has moved. I see why you 'viewed' that OCD site on FaceBook the other day. Glad you're my 'real (Scarf) sister' and I'm not a duddy secret sister (or dead). See you around the real world (on the internet;)

Crown of Beauty said...

Amazing list, Deb... I really like the background of your blog. It's classy and doesn't give a cluttered look.

Scrolled down a bit to read up as well. Had quite a laugh over the NASA thing... You could sell it one day for a fortune, who knows!


Margie said...

32! WHAT!!!!!!!!! That seems nuts to me!!!!