Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I will be heading to the lab to have my blood drawn. I hope the artist uses a nice bright shade of red.

Next stop...anyplace that serves breakfast! My physician did not specifically order fasting bloodwork, but being a Medical Technologist, I know that some of the tests the doctor ordered are best interpreted when the patient has been fasting. Needless to say - it's 9:15am as I type this...and I am HUNGRY!

Then I'll be going to The Good Shepherd Center to DONATE the things that are packed in the back of the van! Get those things out of my life and into someone else's who can use them!

After to StuffMart to exchange a pair of jeans which I purchased for Brillo Man for Christmas...they've been sitting in the house for too long now. Wrong size - he needs a size smaller! (Wish I had that problem...)

Then I'm going shopping for new glasses. (Note to self, bring your eyeglass prescription...) I have been wearing my current pair for a little over two years. In that two years, I think my left ear has grown larger - causing my glasses to sit higher on that side of my face - causing them to appear crooked. Because they are. Besides, my eyes have changed...and I need a stronger bifocal. Again.

That all should give me plenty of time to meet Brillo Man at his appointment at the VA clinic...we're attending a nutrition class together. Maybe I'll learn something about how to reduce my jean size...

Hopefully all will be accomplished in plenty of time to be here when Olivia gets off the school bus. Because, after will then be time to turn the eggs! (More on that in a future post!)

So...I'm off! Have a blessed day all!


Diane said...

Busy day! I'd rather work hard physically all day long as have to do all that running around! I'm OLD and it wears me out! I know you'll make the best of it all though!

Many hugs.......


Jada's Gigi said...

have a fabulous day, sister!

Pat said...

By now I imagine your home, popping some stray bubble wrap, eating something great brillo man cooked up...and singing a happy tune!
Not singing? well start!

Crown of Beauty said...

Wow... you sure have a lot to do today. Hope you get nice cool glasses, Deb. And hope you find time for a stopover at SB (Starbucks!)...

Turn the eggs? I wonder what that is.

ENjoyed my visit here, as always!