Monday, March 14, 2011

The Things That Amuse Me

It doesn't take much to amuse me.

I'm sure you've figured that out if you've ever read some of my posts.

The other night, I couldn't sleep. It was Saturday night...time to turn the clocks ahead one hour for the start of Daylight Savings Time. What time does that officially happen anyway? Ah.. 2 am. Yep. I can do that. I can wait until 2 am. But what to do until then...

I was looking for something to do to keep myself amused. There's always YouTube...and besides, I hadn't yet chosen a song for my Sunday Song post...

In searching for Sunday Song post, I somehow came across this incredible(ahem) makup tutorial for Lady Gaga's Poker Face Makeup (Whatever that is...) Nevertheless, it piqued my interest. And actually, the artist in me found it a tad fascinating after all.

Then I discovered a video that some filmmaker guy posted with his theory about a cross-dressing time traveler appearing in a 1920s Charlie Chaplin film - it's long - over eight minutes - so don't click 'play' unless you have the time. Of course, much is repetitiveness, therefore, one doesn't necessarily have to watch the entire video to get his point....

Phooey. I did my due diligence. It was indeed a hearing aid. Click HEAR, I mean HERE for proof.

But as the clock was ticking away while I was wasting away the minutes, I was about to experience my OWN time travel! It was almost 2am!! The magical moment when time jumps ahead and we lose an hour. Yahoo!

Guess'll be happy to know that I captured the ENTIRE thing on FILM! (I'm thinking a film production career may be in my future, as the quality of what you are about to see just may astound you!)

Did you catch that? I hope you didn't blink. Because if you blink. You miss the entire thing! Just like that - in a split second...we all traveled ahead in time by one hour. Amazing.

Come back in the Fall and I'll show you how we all travel BACK IN TIME!!!


Diane said...

FOFLOL!!!! You crack me up and I SOOOO needed cracking today! Thank you dear sister!

Many hugs........


(BTW, the verification word was "cycho"....hummmmmmm) ;-)

Margie said...