Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Art. We Need More Art.

Or at least I need more art!

I haven't been creating nearly as much as I should. And I miss it.

Something happens in my brain when I create art. It makes me feel good. I'm thinking that it must be akin to the addict who gets a high when he or she takes a drug. Or the endorphins released when a chocoholic eats a piece of dark, rich, sweet, creamy chocolate. I know nothing of the former....but I do know something about the latter! (Now I want chocolate....)

Moving right along...

This past weekend, Olivia and I created some art together. She actually held an art class for Brillo Man and I, teaching us how to make her paper dogs. At first, I thought we would be making paperdogs - as in paperdolls...a string of pups. But no, she had something else in mind. She instructed us to fold the corners of a sheet of paper in order to create ears. Then color the ears. And NO the center of ear could not be any other color besides PINK because pink is the official color of the inside of a dog's ear. At one point I reminded her about the old Harry Chapin song Flowers Are Red.

Still didn't matter, she insisted the insides of the dog's ears must be pink. (I must be failing as a parent...)

Step by step we made dogs - with crowns or hats. And they had to have names. She named hers SPOT - because of the spot around its eye, of course. Spot has the best crown. Because, after all, she is Olivia's creation. Mine was Sidney (Sidney was sticking out her tongue (created by Olivia) because Sidney wanted to have ears that weren't pink.) Brillo Man's dog was Beng (pronounced Benji - but spelled Beng because that's how Olivia spelled it.) Beng is cool because Beng is the one with NO spot and black ears! (I'm not sure how he got away with that.)

Next art lesson...we will work (again) on seeing things in different ways. I will remind Olivia that it's okay to paint the flowers (or the dog's ears) in whatever colors we want!

A Different Perspective
Deborah Erskine
February 2011

In the meantime...I'm going in search of some chocolate!


Margie said...

Ben-G that's good. Benji

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Oh I think we enjoy creating because we worship our creator and He made us in His image. These are great! Oh how much fun....oh my older ones listened to Adventures in Odyssey in the car on CD' has been fun to visit all of the favorites,Veggie Tales, Winnie the Pooh again...and I will also enjoy it again with grand kids...have a great week creating!