Thursday, July 01, 2010

to blog or not to blog?

that is the question.

I just can't seem to get my act together these days to blog.

I would like to blog.


But just never seem to work up the motivation to do so.

Here's something...poor Bentley had a little accident - won't go into details - but just suffice to say that he had to have a few now he's wearing what is humorously referred to as the "cone of shame" (reference the movie: UP)

Poor Bentley....


Diane said...

Deb, I so totally understand! It seems I go through phases with the blog thing. Sometimes, I'm full of things to say and could write a post a few times a day. At others, it seems I just cannot motivate myself to write weekly, much less daily! It's sort of a love/hate relationship for me.

Poor Bentley, looks so sad!!!! I guess I'd be sad too with that thing around my head!

Pat said...

I'll answer your question...BLOG.
There. Now that takes away any doubt.
Thus sayeth Pat.

Bently looks full of remorse, and out of luck!! LOL!

Trish said...

Poor pitiful Bentley! I haven't blogged much lately, sit down to write and get distracted. Miss you!