Monday, July 12, 2010

Once Again...

...sitting here looking at the blank space on my screen where I'm supposed to be typing great words of wisdom, or truths, or funny anecdotes. Blank. The page and my mind.

So...I defer to my reading list - Currently reading June Bug by Chris Fabry. It's an interesting story - one which has kept my attention - which is very good these days...

...about a girl traveling with her father in an RV. They are parked in a WalMart parking lot for several weeks as they wait for a part to come in for their vehicle. During the three weeks when they are parked there, June Bug sees her photo on the the missing persons wall and learns that she isn't really June Bug, but rather Natalie Edwards...and so the story goes. Her father, really isn't her father, although he loves her and treats her like a princess. the story unfolds, little pieces of the puzzle are revealed. I won't give any of it away... just in case you may want to pick up a copy of the book. I have two chapters to go - and then I'll begin another of Chris Fabry's books which just arrived from my Paper Back Swap Club., Dogwood

And since I have downloaded June Bug into my Amazon Kindle and iPhone...I am just now noticing the cover of the book while retrieving it online to post here on my blog. There is a quote by Publisher's Weekly which states, "Fabry's retelling of Les Miserables is a stunning success" I may have to read Les Miserables...I've never read that one...nor have I seen the play or the movie...


Sandy said...

Hi Deb, just wanted to stop by
and says thanks for joining my
humble blog.
I sometimes feel blank when I
sit down to write too and I
just ask the Lord to give me
something to write. He always
Enjoy that boy of yours. Wish
mine were still that precious
Blessings to you,

Pat said...

Sounds like a good book, I'll have to pick it up.
I haven't been doing much reading lately, my reading moods come and go, right now they went.
I feel busy yet I don't really know why....LOL!
Soon, we'll be heading west..can't wait!

Constance said...

Les Miz is a wonderful book and movie! Jean Valjean's is a wonderful story of redemption. The Movie version starring Liam Neeson and Jeffrey Rush is very well done!

Mike Hamilton said...

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