Thursday, June 03, 2010

yesterday...the eggs...

today....a turtle!

Upon leaving the house this morning, I almost drove right over this snapping turtle as it crawled across the driveway. Quickly, I called Brillo Man on my cell phone - knowing that had I left the scene, the turtle would be gone! Brillo Man wrestled this guy (or more than likely a it was far, far from the pond - probably just laid eggs someplace!) into a bin. And there it sat until he and Olivia took it later this afternoon to Riverside Park - whereupon it will probably wind its way through the river waters...right back to our pond!

This was a small one - the shell only about 14" in length. Somewhere lurking the murky waters of the pond are the monster ninja turtles! Beware of those! They can snap your toes right off! Brillo Man put the handle of an ice scraper in the bucket and WHOA!! you should have seen this gal go crazy!! Snapping every which direction! I wouldn't want to encounter one of these in the pond...for sure!! Did you notice the claws?! Ugh!


Terry said...

dear deb..that brillo man is such a kind and tender soul!
for sure that and that snapping turtle would have been run over.
i once tried to save one and it hissed at me so.
i went to a near by gas station and asked for help. the guy gave me a box to try and make the little guy cross the road and it worked. i never learned until later that if i had tried to pick it up, i would of had one painful bite!..and apparently after they get their teeth into you, they won't umclap them!
but i couldn't leave until i knew it was safe.
i was just on my way to pick up bernie from work and when i picked him up, he told me the guys that were going in for evening shift wondered "what was your wife doing...chasing turtles!?"
ha! can't get away with ANYTHING, eh?

deb i never realized about little olivia until i read donna's post...count on prayers from me too, ok? terry

Mrs. Mac said...

snap, snap, snap ... want a turtle soup recipe?;) I once caught one on a fishing line .. my dad had a heck of a time taking the hook out of it's mouth! I don't think I'd want to cool off in your pond. But just think of all the wild life it is home to!

Jada's Gigi said...

He is an ugly sucker..and I'm a big turtle fan..:)

Constance said...

Our lake is full of them and the poor baby ducklings thi s Spring took a beating! One Mama started out with 13 and the turtles got every one of them! Maybe the Canada Geese did some damage too, I don't know but they are very territorial birds. On this morning's walk, one Mama duck has 5 ducklings, pretty good size and another has 2! It looks like we might add 7 more ducks this year!