Thursday, April 15, 2010

Breaking the Silence!


Whew. There. It's now out of my system.

I don't know why I haven't been blogging. A combination of a whole bunch of things -probably most of my computer time has been spent over on my Facebook account where I have managed to connect with dozens and dozens of friends from my present and past.

But I am finding that I am missing my blogging and the ability to just ramble on and on about nothing in particular. You see, in the world of Facebook, you can update your status with a short statement. I think you're limited to 500 characters or something....but here in my blog world, I can ramble on and on and on and on and there's virtually absolutely NOTHING that you can do about it! I will not get a message when I publish this post that says, "your message is too long, please limit your comment to 'x' number of characters"...or something along that line. You'd think I'd know what it says, because I certainly have seen it enough times. In other words, I have tried to be my long-winded, rambling self on Facebook...but those who administer that page just don't seem to appreciate looonnnnggggg ramblings. humph! whatever!

So...we have much catching up to do...what has happened? Let's see...we went to Myrtle Beach on vacation and we got a new driveway... those are two big deal things...maybe I'll post some photos for those of you who don't "do" facebook and missed those photos...

Olivia started taking piano lessons and has her very first piano recital on Sunday afternoon! I will FOR SURE post something after that event! Although she is in the very beginning of her lessons, her piano teacher has commented to me that "Olivia has been given a gift in music...not all my students have that gift, but Olivia does. And musical ability IS a gift." And of course, there I stood, bursting from the inside...remembering that Word from the Lord before I was even married, when someone said to me that the Lord was showing her that "rivers of worship would flow from my belly..." At that time, having just stepped down from the worship team, I believed that it had something to do with that...but since then, the Lord has revealed to me many times over that the Lord was speaking to me about the future - when I would give birth to this little person, who would love the Lord and LOVE to sing and play any musical instrument she can get her hands on (including the harmonica recently purchased from our local Good Shepherd Center Treasure Store.) Olivia, FOR SURE, is a worshipper! She makes up her own songs to sing to the Lord and she sings ALL THE TIME! Only time will tell...perhaps she will lead many to bask in God's presence as she worships our King!

In the meantime...back to blogging!! You can look forward to more and more ramblings from me in the near future! I'm excited! Let the blogging continue...

Stay tuned!


Pat said...

I'm so glad you've decided to rejoin the blog world!!
I love your new background, very soothing, and every one could stand to be soothed now and then!
I'm so thrilled for Olivia, I think being musically gifted must be so satisfying. Since I am not I can't say for sure though! I do sing praises to the Lord and I hope I don't hurt his ears...I think he thinks I sing beautifully! I would love to be able to play the piano! I'd make it heavy on the bass notes and play like I was leading a gospel choir. Ok, I'm rambling now..sorry.

Trish said...

It's so wonderful to watch our babies grow in the Lord. Especially, when we see and know that they are gifted by God. We all have gifts...some, just more sensitive to the leading of the Lord's. Pray that Miss O continues on this path that the Lord has for laid her!
Glad to see you back Deb...big hugs!

Felisol said...

Dear Deb,
Like you I find that Facebooking takes too much time and is not that rewarding. I'm not a person to express myself in one liners. On the other hand I have contact with relatives from Chile to Iceland, and that is a blessing.

I'm so happy to learn about Olivia. She is gifted by the Lord, and she surely will use her gifts praising him.
My grandmother used to say, "God gives the talents, but how we use them, are our responsibility."

Olivia is lucky to have a mum making room and possibilities for her to develop and grow.
I'm looking forwards to more blogging!

Constance said...

In the immortal words of Led Zeppelin..
"Ramble On!"
Okay now that I ave gotten THAT out of MY system....

Glad to have you back sister!

Margie said...

I love this post proud momma...