Monday, April 19, 2010

Paving the way....

Last week we did this:

So that Olivia could FINALLY learn to do this:

She learned in just two days! And don't worry - she didn't get hurt in the crash, and in fact began to laugh when I told her that I would probably have to send the clip to America's Funniest Videos! She got right back on and started to ride again!

Next week....roller skates!


Constance said...

WOW! That's gonna leave a mark! We've all been there, teaching our kiddos to ride a bike! I thought she was gonna hit the truck a couple of times!

How exciting though to see the driveway paved! Loved hearing the geese overhead. I love your more rural setting! Sigh, one day...

Deb said...

Connie, I was hoping the geese would've flown within camera range but alas, they were behind me.

We love our rural setting too - country roads and slow pace and geese and ducks and herons and the peaceful serenity of the country! We are blessed!

But, oh, there are days when I miss my Barnes & Noble and Target!!!! lol

Pat said...

that's a lot of driveway! It looks really good too!
If only we could combine a bit of convenience with a rural never works, greed takes over and before you know it, the rural is gone and the stip malls are up. I'll take the rural.