Thursday, April 12, 2007


Today's post is all about snacks.

(simply because I have nothing to write about again and just glanced to my right and noticed a box which I now use to hold some of my artist pens which says, "SNACKS, 12 Chocolate Chip Muffins")

At this moment, I'm wishing that there were muffins in that box - instead of 28 different colors of Sharpie pens and various other artist implements.

If there were muffins in that box, I'd be eating one right now. And it wouldn't be a 'snack', it would be my breakfast (since I haven't eaten yet today).

So --my questions for you are:

1) What is your favorite snack?
2) What is your favorite breakfast food?
3) Do you ever eat "snacks" for breakfast?
4) What is the capital of Belgium?

(I threw that last one in there just for fun --because in case you didn't notice --it has nothing to do with snacks and everything to do with green vegetables, which is what we all should be eating instead of muffins.)

By the way...if you come to my house and request a chocolate chip mini muffin, it will be served just like the one above --on my good china. pfffttt. right. Hey, we've got Dora Dixie Plates...they're cute and disposable. No dishes.


Margie said...

1) What is your favorite snack?
Cheese or tortilla chips with salsa & sour cream

2) What is your favorite breakfast food?
Tomato & feta omelet, 1 egg 2 egg whites
3) Do you ever eat "snacks" for breakfast?
heck yes, have you seen my butt!
4) What is the capital of Belgium?
Brussels (that's where Jane Fonda (chelsea) married Dabne Coleman (bill) in 'On Golden Pond'

KayMac said...

1)guac & chips
2)rasp w/ white choc muffins from Mary Dennings Cake Shoppe in Westland, MI
3)YES! Sometimes on Saturday's when I am, I hate to admit that I once let my daughter have choc ice cream before school cuz she was never a good breakfast eater. :-(
4)Ahhhh, brussel sprouts, but also...belgium waffles! another good breakfast choice!

Pat said...

1. Fav snack- Lays potato chips and french onion dip, cheetos, tortilla chips and cream cheese/chili dip, ice cream, and anything covered in icing. Is that enough?
2,Fav breakfast food- bacon, waffles, toast with butter and cream cheese, a big ol' omelet stuffed with hash browns, bacon and veggies.... shall I go on?
3. Do I ever eat snack food for breakfast? -I love sweet snacks for breakfast, especially left over birthday cake!
4. Capitol of Belgium?- waffle.
5. See why I'm going to weight watchers?
6. Paper plates work for me, hey a paper towel works for me!