Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Did I say something about a seque?....

So...Olivia and I were running errands this afternoon. We had to stop at two different banks and the post office to take care of personal business and business busines....At the second bank stop, I opened the van door and you know how sometimes the door doesn't open all the way --but then does open all the way and the last few inches you have no control over because of the way the door is made --it just is out of your control? (Am I making any sense to anyone out there?) Anyway...I opened the door --and then it jolted open another few inches and managed to bang into the new SUV parked next to me --- arrgh! Oh MAN! Of course, it took a little chip out of the paint on the brand new SUV. Now what to do? It was a small chip - less than the size of a pea, greater than the size of a Sharpie Marker point, about the size of your average ladybug. As I examined the ladybug sized speck of paint loss, I said to myself, "Self, just keep going on --into the bank --deposit the company check --get back in the van and drive away. The ladybug speck SUV driver will be none the wiser." But of course --I couldn't do that. I had to stop and write a note and put it under the ladybug speck SUV's windshield wiper saying that the door got away from me and took a small chunk of paint with it.... First I had to find a scrap of paper --then I had to find a pen --then I had to corrale Olivia who was, at this point, jumping up and down and spinning like a ballerina in the middle of the sidestreet. All of that took time. Time that I could've been in the bank, depositing the company check so we could move on to stop number two - the post office.

When we finally arrived at the post office. Standing out front was a woman who had just offered to watch another gentleman's dog as he went inside. Olivia was, of course, drawn to the dog - a cute little white poodle --or maybe it was a bichon frisce (or however you spell that breed). Anyway --she noticed the dog. The woman asked her if she would like to pet the dog. No way. Olivia was going to look --but no touching. We have a big springer/lab mix as part of our family. His name is Chauncy. But forget about getting near any other dog. She is petrified.

So --we went into the post office and got in line. Olivia proceeded to tell me that she thinks she needs a smaller dog so she can learn how to take care of smaller dogs because she already knows how to take care of bigger dogs. In the middle of our conversation, the woman who had been watching the gentleman's dog came inside and stood next to us in line.

She looked at Olivia and said, "What do need to learn how to do?"
Olivia looked at me - her eyes questioning whether or not she should speak to this stranger. I gave her the okay to talk and she shared with this woman that she needed to have a small dog at her house.
The woman said, "Have you ever thought about a cat?"
"Oh No - Chauncy doesn't like cats."
"Oh...I really like cats. By the way, my name is Jan, what's your name?"
"It's so nice to meet you Olivia." - as she extended her hand for Olivia to shake.

She then proceeded to share with Olivia that she had three grandchildren who lived out of town and it would be so nice if she had someone close by, like Olivia, to be her adopted grandchild.

At this point, I asked her about her family and we spoke a few moments. Then, ever so easily, I said, "Jan, do you attend church anywhere?"
", I haven't been attending."
"Well, Olivia and I would love to have to you join us this Sunday at our church if you would like to come."

By this time, it was her turn at the counter. She walked up to the counter and started to write an address on a card --which I assumed was something she was mailing. She then turned and handed me the card --which had her name, address and phone number and with tears running down her cheeks said to me, "Why don't you send me something about your church." ----and then she asked for a hug.

I gave her a hug, Olivia shook her hand and ran excitedly out of the post office.
"Mommy! Let's send her an email!"
"Well, Olivia, I don't know that she has a computer --but we can mail her a letter."
"Yeah, and I'll draw her a picture of some cats. Maybe she'll come to church with us Mom!"

....going out in tomorrow's mail will be a lovely picture of some cats and some flowers drawn by Olivia, along with a note to Miss Jan --inviting her to church on Sunday morning, Of course, we'll pick her up if she needs a ride.

And all I have to say is thanks for the ladybug speck of paint loss on the SUV --for had I not taken the time to write that note --we never would've met Miss Jan today at the post office.

The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD...
-Psalm 37:23


Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you both and the boldness you have for the Lord. Mom

Pat said...

Good job! Did you leave a gospel tract on the windshield of the suv?
Truly we all need an Olivia in our life - who could resist such a charmer? And a child shall lead them....

Margie said...

you know, that's two days in a row Miss Olivia has just made my heart sing. You are so blessed to have her in your life everyday!! You are doing a great job, mom!!

KayMac said...

loved this!

Jada's Gigi said...

great story! Aren't His ways amazing? :)

Margie said...

did she come to church with you on Sunday?