Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Perfect Segue

This evening at Praise Team practice, we sang "Amazing Grace". That hymn always gets to me ---especially when I get to verse five..."When we've been there ten thousand years, bright shining as the sun, we've no less days to sing God's praise than when we'd first begun." I mean, can our meager minds even grasp the concept of FOREVER?!

Years ago in Girl Scouts, I used to play this song on the guitar:

The Land of Oden

In the land of Oden,
there stands a mountain,
Ten thousand miles, in the air

From edge to edge
This mountain measures,
Ten thousand miles square

Once every million years
A little bird comes winging
Sharpens its beak
and quickly disappears

And when this mountain
has worn away
that in eternity will be
But one single day.

In the land of Oden,
There stands a mountain
Ten thousand miles in the air
In the air
In the air.

I don't know about you --but that thought just boggles my brain. Once every million years a bird comes and sharpens it's beak on a mountain that's ten thousand miles square and when the mountain FINALLY wears away---it will be as if only ONE day has passed in eternity.

FOREVER. It's a long time.
A long time to be rejoicing with Jesus.
An even longet time if one is separated from Him.

Earlier today, we had a computer repair guy come to the house to replace the mother board on a company computer which was still under warranty. This computer guy was here quite a while. He sat in the living room and worked while Olivia commenced entertaining him. She drew him a picture, offered him some applesauce and the use of her very own calculator "just so he could finish his taxes". It was even okay with her if he took it home and used it, just as long as he promised to bring it back the next time. Then she started singing. She loves to sing --and will sing for anyone who will listen and even those who won't.

She broke out into a song which is on our friend, Dawna's CD ---

Do you know Him today?
Please don't turn Him away...
Oh --Ohhhhh Jesus....My Je-ee-ee--sus...
without Him how lost I would be..."

I sat there and prayed while she was singing --for the computer guy. Of course, not knowing if he was a Christian or not. Assuming he was not ---as he never commented on any of the dozen or so Christian songs she chose as part of today's concert....

Then this evening, at Praise Team we sang Amazing Grace and I shared with my fellow praise team members about how mind boggled I always am when I try to wrap my mind around the concept of ETERNITY....and how it's going also be an eternity for those who don't know the Lord ---spending it apart from Him....and I immediately was convicted for NOT speaking up and saying something to the computer guy after Olivia sang. The perfect seque. And I missed it.

My prayer is that I will be more diligent in remembering eternity....and sharing God's saving grace ---with EVERYONE. It's my job as a Christian. Why do I not jump at every chance? This chance today passed me by. I didn't even recognize it --other than to pray. Perhaps that's all the Lord wanted me to do --perhaps Olivia's song was all the Lord wanted our computer guy to hear.

Or perhaps not.

"All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age." - Matthew 28:19,20


Margie said...

That Olivia, she is one smart cookie! If he's not a Christian, he will never forget the day that Beautiful O sang for him. I am sure she planted a seed. And one day, in heaven, I hope she seems it bloom.

The grace of eternity is awesome. I wish i could have heard you sing.

Jada's Gigi said...

Olivia is a doll! God is so GOD..I'm sure He got exactly what He wanted for the computer guy...and maybe for you too...that little nudge to be more alert next time...:) But Holy Spirit went right home with computer guy, I'm sure..:)

Pat said...

I think that the perfect segue wasn't missed at all...
Of course you know that song that Olivia sang is another old A/G song that stirs my heart. It seems like lately I've been reading several lyrics to those old songs and they minister to me in a new way..even more deeply then before. God is so good.

Sara said...

amazing indeed...