Monday, February 06, 2006

Why don't we seek Him first?

This past week - as you may know,
if you've followed this blog -
our microwave died.
the end.
may it rest in peace.

Randy and I spent TWO HOURS trying to install the new microwave.
For some reason, one of the two bolts that held it to the cabinet
above the stove just wouldn't screw in. The threads wouldn't catch.
Randy tried everything, including drilling a larger hole in the cabinet
to insure that the bolt had plenty of room to go in straight.

We took took it on and off the wall bracket twice. That bugger was heavy
and it was awkward trying to hold it in place while Randy attempted to
secure the bolt.

No matter what we did - we couldn't get the bolt attached.

Finally --after two hours of frustration, I said, "Lord, please help us get this microwave installed --I'm about at my wit's end."

Then I suggested to Randy that he take the bolt out that was already attached and try it in the other side - just so we could see if the threads in the hole on the microwave were defective or something. Or maybe it was the bolt itself? Who knows.
He took the other bolt out and put it in the place where we were having trouble --it went in. So now we know it's not the threads --it must be the bolt. I thought, well, that's okay, we can go to the hardware store and buy a new bolt. But before we do that...let's just see if it will go into the hole on the other side. Whala!
It worked! Microwave installed.

So...why didn't I ask the Lord in the first place to help us with the microwave installation? We could've saved a whole lot of aggravation.

We all could save a whole lot of frustration in this life if we would just put the Lord first. He deserves first place. Not second, or third. He desires that we seek Him - that we spend time with Him on a daily basis. ...not just when it's convenient or just when we "need" something.

Seek His face today. Not His hand.
Let Him do a work in your heart - so that you are changed for eternity.

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