Thursday, February 16, 2006

Olivia's Art Project

This morning, immediately upon awakening, Olivia had to make "Jonah" the Whale. She didn't want to eat breakfast, didn't want to watch Noggin, didn't want to do anything besides an art project - Jonah the Whale - with "sprinkles" on him. (Sprinkles = glitter). I asked her if she talked about Jonah the Whale in church last night. Her reply - "No, we talked about the Mud Guy." "The Mud Guy?"... "Yeah, Jesus put mud on the guy's eyes and then he could see that his house was dirty and he needed to run the suck-up sweeper." ?!...out of the mouths of babes. Here's Olivia's art project: Jonah the Whale:


Lori said...

Olivia...that is a MOST AWESOME whale!!! You did a good job. Love the sprinkles. Love, Aunt Lori

Kathleen Marie said...

I'm in a fit of laughter over the "mud guy"... too precious. Olivia, your whale is just delightful with all those "sprinkles". :)