Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Olivia Sings

Sunday night in church we had a sectional Singspiration. What happens is every month where there is a fifth Sunday ---the evening service is all music. Several churches in the section get together and anyone who wishes may sing, play an instrument, recite poetry etc. It's always a great night of fun and fellowship. And then, of course, afterwards we all go eat together in the annex.

As I was practicing my song for the service, Olivia said that she wanted to practice a song too. I asked her if she would like to sing in church and she got all excited! "Can I stand on the stage and can I have my very own microphone?!" "Yes, you can stand on the stage and have your very own microphone." She practiced singing her favorite song a few times: Days of Elijah

When it came time for her to sing, she marched right up on the stage, grabbed the microphone from Jim (our worship leader) and looked at it - then looked at me (in the front row) and then looked at the congregation and said, "This is a really big microphone!" Everyone laughed, of course. I asked her if she wanted to sing....she said, "YES!" ...and then proceeded to belt out the tune - several times!
"Behold He comes
riding on the clouds
shining like the sun
at the trumpet call
so lift your voice
it's the year of Jubilee
out of Zion's hill salvation comes"

Except she sings, ...out of Zion's hill salbation comes,

Of course, she received an enormous ovation ---and is ready to sing again real soon. I was SO proud of her! She did an awesome job! We're already practicing our next number for the next Singspiration.

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Char said...

That is SO wonderful!! You go, Olivia!! David is always great in practice, then gets up there and does something goofy on the stage [or won't go on the stage at all]. I know Our Lord is SO happy to hear a little child sing to Him and bring glory to His name...