Monday, November 07, 2005

Home Sweet Home

Ten years ago today, my Dad went home to be with Jesus.

As I try to think back on all the events and happenings in my life that he has missed, I'm overwhelmed. I remind myself of the Scripture that says "...we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses..." and I like to think that Dad sees glimpses of things that go on in our lives.

The most important events being my marriage and birth of our daughter, Olivia. Grandpa Bob would be so very proud of Olivia. She is most definitely the biggest blessing that the Lord could have ever given me. She is bright and articulate and she succeeds in making me laugh often. Just the other day, she did something particulary goofy, and I caught myself shaking my head and saying, "Olivia, you are beyond hope"!
I stopped when I realized that I said the very thing that Dad used to say to me so often. And then I smiled when I realized that he was up in heaven, looking down and shaking his head in agreement...

I love you -- and I miss you, Dad.

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Char said...

Here's a special hug from me to you. I loved your Dad, he was a very special man. I have many cherished memories of him, and of your family. Won't it be wonderful when we are all reunited in Heaven. Our God reigns.