Monday, January 20, 2014

Someone fill the silence please...

I don't know if there were ever

a time when I have wished

I could trade places

more than now.

Why her?

And not me....

My heart feels empty

in the silence of this house

a house usually filled with laughter

and singing

and all manor of chaos

I would take it all now

if I did not have to listen

to the tick tock

tick tock

of the pendulum within my heart

which mark the moments

until she is here with me again...


Mrs. Mac said...

So glad she has returned .. you will have a greater appreciation for the chatter. You all have been in my prayers.

Crown of Beauty said...

Dear friend Deb, our Father knows just what you are going through. And I keep you close... lifting you and your whole family up to His loving care. His healing touch is upon the ones you love, but most of all I pray that He gently pours His healing balm over your own heart. Love,