Friday, June 10, 2011

Book Review: Max On Life

Love Love Love this book! As anyone who has read anything by Max Lucado knows, he is an awesome author. In Max on Life, author Max Lucado shares his answers to life’s toughest questions. While covering a wide range of topics, everyday situations and questions are answered with not your average answers, but answers backed with God's Word. The questions asked range from very simple to very complex - but his answers are easy to understand. I have always enjoyed Max’s style of writing, and this is no exception. It’s easy to read, and written so that you can open to any page and start reading. Makes a great "on the go" book - or a great "bathroom reader" book (if you're into reading in your "small room.") I guarantee that there are answers to questions you have asked or are asking and I highly recommend this book!

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Diane said...

Thanks Deb! I had been looking it over and contemplating it as my next purchase. I most definitely will buy it now! Hope you have a great weekend!

Many hugs..............