Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Uninvited Guest

Olivia left the screen door ajar.

Soon I heard a little bit of rustling near the front door.

Lo and behold....

I asked him what he was doing in the house.

He quacked a reply....
but I don't speak duck!

Silly Bird!!!

He was quite the unhappy quacker when I told him he had to go back outside.
I think he had plans to stay for dinner!

...never a dull moment here in "The State Park!"


Pat said...

What a smile producing post! Ducky looks right at home, he was probably waiting for some ravioli! Ohhhh, that sounds so good, I could go for a big steaming plate of ravioli myself! Why do all thoughts go right back to food?

Becky said...


Jada's Gigi said...

too cute!

Margie said...

I would have killed him! good thing he came to your house.

Terry said...

dear everything all right?
i left you and char a birthday card over at the sisters..

hey deb...that last that the same margie that gave such grear posts about the sister's bible?
that sweetheart couldn't kill a flea!!...must be another margie..haha

happy birhtday terry

Terry said...

hey debs...happy computer has been acting up soooo bad!
i will see later if mom golden's will be friendlier to me!!
after all we have to do some celebrating over at the sisters!!
love terry

hey get THIS word verification deb..
"SUNLIT"....may your whole path be just this, not only on this special day but for the rest of your lives and that brillo man

Amrita said...

Oh I 'd love a visitor like this one. I love ducks