Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Looking back over the Summer, there are many things I could have posted had I been in "blogging mode." Many weeks ago - in the beginning of June, we spent a week in the mountains of Virginia at a Massanutten Resort. One of the things we did was take a trip through the Luray Caverns. Brillo Man and I had been there nine years ago during our Honeymoon trip. The caverns are even more dramatic than I remembered them! Perhaps because the first time we toured, I was too busy looking at my new husband and paid less attention to the stalagtites!

Here we are - some of my family. We had a great week together!

back row L-R: Brillo Man, Me, Sister-in-law Colleen, Mother-in-law Bonalee aka Bonnie, Father-in-law Chester, front row L-R: Daughter Olivia, Stepdaughter Kelly, Cousin Jessica

Notice how bright we were in our tie-dye shirts! Couldn't have lost us in that cavern had you tried! Although I think they tried....My father-in-law and I spent way more time than the rest of my family - in fact, they finished their tour an hour before we did! It was worth the extra time - got to enjoy Dad's company. I thoroughly enjoyed his great appreciation of God's creation deep in the depths of the mountains! In fact, as we were packing to go home from our week's trip, Dad commented that the whole trip was worth it because he got to see those caverns!

As for the brightness...I'm thinking that I will bring my entire wardrobe of brightly colored, tie-dye T-shirts to the Scarf Sister's Reunion! That way no one will be able to lose me along the way...just in case they try!


Pat said...

We'll make quite a pair at the reunion...your love of color and my love of no color!
Think I'll bring something white - no maybe black...wait, I'll be crazy and bring black and white!!
Can't wait!!

Sandy said...

Gosh! It's so great that you guys
get to go to the reunion! I can't
go this year but maybe next.
You're right, your shirt is going
to make you hard to loose in the
crowd! It brings back happy
memories of my flower child days

Amrita said...

Have a good time at the reunion. I was thinking about it this morning

Trish said...

Hi Deb... doing some catching up. Love your Mallards, so cute!
Have fun at the reunion.

Mrs. Mac said...

I need to make all of Nathan's clothes out of tie-dye :) (so he won't get lost in the woods or while shopping;)