Monday, September 20, 2010

M R Ducks

M R Ducks
M R Not
M R 2, C M Big Wangs?... Olivia has raised these two Mallards. (Once upon a time, there were three, until the neighbor's dog intervened, but we're not talking about that...)

These Mallards have quacked their way into our hearts.

We love the Mallards.

Not so much.

Do you see where they are?
Right in front of my studio door.
And when they're not in front of my studio door,
they are in front of the FRONT DOOR!

Needless to say - stepping over the duck droppings as we enter the threshold of our home is not my idea of fun. For one thing, Bentley isn't quite as careful as we are and is quite incapable of wiping his feet.

As I type this, the Mallards are tapping on the storm door and quacking.
I know that if I opened the door, they would waddle right on inside!!

Oy Vey!

I suppose I should be appreciative of one thing. They do match the house.


Felisol said...

Such beautiful birds. Are they Mr. Duck, both of them? Then they will probably long to mate next spring.
I like the ducks because of the wonderful colors, and also they are quite tame. There are two colonies nearby who we use to feed with old bread.
You get free fertilizing, might need that with 14 acres of land...

We all love Shakespeare here. Serina has downloaded his complete works on her i-phone.
I am an old fashioned reader. We saw the Merchant perform by an English company this summer.
Brain food for the soul.

Pat said...

Yes, M R ducks! They are so pretty, to bad they are such messy thangs with their potty habits.
They do have pretty wangs.
You need some squirrels on your state park.

Amrita said...

Oh I am so fond of ducks and would like them for pets too.

Crown of Beauty said...

Hi Deb,
I haven't been around many blogs much, but these days I am making the extra effort to see how my friends are doing.

The Mallards are lovely. I don't think we have them here...the ducks we have are mostly whites, or brown here. I have often looked at Mallards here only in specialty shops, and they are the wooden variety. Lifeless. I love ducks - as my home is decorated in country style. I have ducks on jars, mugs, and my kitchen curtains.

A couple of live Mallards in my back (or front) yard would be perfect.

Glad I dropped by today.