Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

2010. Wow.

I can remember being in elementary school thinking ahead to the year 2010 - knowing that this would be the year that I turn 50. And I remember thinking..."wow, that's really old!" Now, not so much!

It's here. 2010. And I'm not so old. In fact, in my heart, I still feel as young as that child I once was.

We toasted the New Year with a bottle of Sparkling White Grape Juice which Brillo Man had chilled in the snow outside - then I lit a couple fireworks while Olivia lit some sparklers and danced around doing a Happy New Year dance - filled with excitement and life - bouncing and bubbling all over the place!

Brillo Man watched her dance and commented, "oh, to be seven again..." And then he promptly went to bed!

I'm still here - dancing - if only in my heart!

Happy New Year Everyone! May the Lord fill this coming year with blessings. And may you walk ever closer to His side, recognizing His faithfulness and love which He bestows upon His children in abundance!


Margie said...

happy new year!!

Pat said...

This is so cool! What great parents Ms. O. has!!
Happy New year my dear friend, may it be the best year ever for you and your beautful family!

Sara said...

happy new year to the brillo family! i'm glad olivia danced on my behalf! love to you all!

Mrs. Mac said...

yes, oh to be young .. dancing at midnight with sparklers in the snow, sipping sparkling cider. 50 is just a number ... it only has a hold on you if you lose your child-like spirit. Not gonna happen Deb!

Jada's Gigi said...

Happy happy New Year, Deb!

Crown of Beauty said...

I loved my fiftieth year, Deb! It was my jubilee year.

When is your birthday?

Have a great 2010 ahead of you!


Constance said...

Happy New Year!!! The "singing" monks, HYSTERICAL! LOVED it!

Constance said...

Oh yeah, the big 5-0 for me as well! Sigh!