Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Things I Did...

...while the power was out for THREE days! (yes, mrs. mac, because of Ike!)

1) Read my Bible more
2) Took sponge baths in ICY COLD artesian spring water from our well! (THAT will wake you up!)
3) Curled my hair at work
4) Ate less
5) Burned more candles
6) Prayed more
7) Cried me a river...
8) Played Scrabble with Brillo Man (and LOST - because he is now the KING of Scrabble since he plays CONSTANTLY on the computer.)
9) Found myself eager to get to work, knowing that there were LIGHTS there!

10) Spent a lot of time missing my computer!


Mrs. Mac said...

Did you lose your power because of IKE??? Your daughter is certainly growing up quickly ... great picture.

Sara said...

that's the worst. well maybe not the worst but it isn't good. welcome back

Pat said...

Oh I whine when the power is on, I'm afraid to think of how much I'd whine if it were off for three days!