Thursday, September 18, 2008

I've Just Been to Church - Twice

Yes. Church. That place where we all congregate to worship. Amazingly, tonight we talked about communion. Communion not only a time to remember the Lord's sacrifice but also to remember that we are to commune with one another. That as Christians, we are called to minister, share, give, serve, help, uplift and encourage one another. We are the body of Christ. Each one of us with an important job to do. Each one loving and serving our King through all that we do.

Then I came home from church and read one of my favorite blogs before going to bed. God is incredible in how He orchestrates and orders things in our lives. Sara couldn't have said it better.

If you haven't yet, come join us in communion. I didn't have any wine or grape juice handy. Iced tea worked just as well.

I have prayed for you all --and cried a river.

Now - I'm going to bed!

Blessings all!

So in Christ
we who are many form one body,
and each member belongs to all the others.
-Romans 12:5


Margie said...

just wanted you to know I am praying!!

Louise said...

Dearest Deb, Just a note to let you know I too am and will be praying for you. As a matter of fact, let's do that now:

Father in heaven, glorious is Your Name and in that Name we come before you on behalf of Deb. You alone know all she deals with; You alone are her source of strength, hope, peace and patience. Together we ask for You to give comfort and rest and encouragement to our precious friend. She is Yours, You've called her by name and You know her deepest needs and greatest desires. Be ALL she needs, now and forever. We ask You to heal the pain and the symptoms she's experiencing. Give her clarity of thought and strengthen her body. You are our Peace ... be that in Deb's life now and in the days ahead.
We thank You that we can come to You at any time and in any place and be assured that You hear us. Thank You that we are Your children and You hold us in the palm of Your great hand. Thank You that You have redeemed us by the blood of the Lamb, Your only Son became our peace and we thank You. Allow Your precious Holy Spirit to minister to our sister as she reads this. Whisper 'peace' to her soul and give her healing, strengthening rest.
In Your mighty and holy Name we ask these things.

Trish said...

Deb, I am praying for you...Dear Lord Jesus touch our precious friend Deb. May she feel your presence, may the Holy Spirit cover her with His glory and give her strength to make it through another day. Fill her with Your peace and precious Jesus, wrap your loving arms around her and heal her Jesus Name.

Mrs. Mac said...

I, too, am praying for you tonight and the next few days as you endure working while not feeling well. In Christ ...

Trish said...

Just checking in...Pray you are feeling better!