Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lovin' it more....

I love my work.
I love being a homemaker more.

I love getting up really early and listening to the birds.
I love sleeping in more.

I love coming home from work and eating a huge, ooey, gooey, sticky bun - thick with icing and feeling really full of sticky, gooey, ooey goodness.
I love the feeling of not overeating more.

I love a cool, summer rain.
I love a warm, sunshiny day more.

I love looking at art.
I love creating art more.

I love listening to worship music.
I love worshiping more.

I love my work. (did I say that?)
...but I love being a homemaker more......


char said...

Beautiful imagry and poetry. I'm glad you are well, friend.



Thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad we bumped into one another, even if it was across the internet. I enjoyed looking around your blog too.


Sara said...

utterly beautiful, utterly my heart.

Pat said...

And I love this post.
How beautifully you expressed what true love is.
I've missed hearing from you, glad your back!

Jada's Gigi said...

Yeah,,,I know...sorry you have to do I and I definitley do NOT love my work. You'll get used to it again.

Pat said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Margie said...

great post, I too have missed you!!

Anonymous said...

Loved your post today ... your appreciation and adapting to a new schedule are taken in stride and not changing your true calling.

Mrs. Mac