Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hey Everybody!

I'm participating in a contest --check it out!
If you win --not only will will win a fabulous basket of goodies from the participating merchants - but one of those fabulous prizes will be from ME! (since I'm donating a prize!)

Go ahead! Play to win! (I won the Christmas contest and got some great stuff - a real blessing - felt like getting a hug from God the day that I received my package full of goodies!)

"No Greater Love" Valentine's Day Trivia Game Sponsored by CAST (Christian Artist's Street Team)

The Rules:

• You must have a registered account with Etsy.
(registration is free and simple!)

• CAST members are not eligible to play.

• Visit the participating shops listed below to find a trivia
question in their shop announcement. Each shop has a different
question and each question is numbered. Only the shops listed have
questions in them. Make note of the question and the question
number, there are 14 total.

• When you know the answers send an Etsy conversation to Renee from her
Etsy shop, Guiding Light Candles. Make sure your answers are
correspondent to the numbered question. (i.e. 1. Bill 2. Bob 3. Mary)

• The person with the most correct answers will win a fabulous
gift basket full of wonderful items donated by CAST members. In the
event of a tie, names will be put in a basket and a winner will be
drawn at random.

• The contest will run from January 23rd to January 27th. A
winner will be determined on January 28th and will be notified
through an Etsy conversation.

Participating Shops:

New Creation Art
What's Her Name
Lori Delisle
Whimsie Dots
Christie Cottage
Eye Candy Creative
Deb's Random Art - that's ME!
Lady Pippie
Lamplight Boutique
Urban Creativity
Guiding Light Candles

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