Sunday, September 18, 2005


Redeat. How do you pronounce that name? Red eat... Ree deat...Red eee at...
Her name is Redeat - and she's three. Her birthday is just a week after our daughter's. She lives in Ethiopia. I was surfing the web today and came across the website for Mission of Mercy.
I couldn't resist the face! This little girl is just - we're now sponsoring her.
That makes two little girls we sponsor. The other, Yasmin, lives in the Dominican Republic. I couldn't resist sponsoring her either We sponsor Yasmin through another organization: Children International.

We've sponsored her for almost three years. Now - we add little Redeat.

We hope to teach our daughter a lot of different things by sponsoring these two girls. We're praying that she'll have a lot of compassion when she grows up. So - here's to little Redeat... (I can't find Yasmin's photo at the moment - but when I do - I'll post it too!)

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Dlynne said...

I can't wait to see Yasmin's photo - you are right Redeat is a beautiful little girl. That is great that you are sponsoring two little girls. One of our children's Sunday school class sponsors a little boy about the age of six. He is adorable - heand the class write back and forth. The class is so excited when they receive a letter from him. Have a good weekend!