Saturday, September 17, 2005

the electrical umbilical cord

I was browsing blogs and came across a post about our obsession to not sleep because we're "checking our email just one more time".... Yes. I'm obsessed. Just like that blogger.

It's pitiful, isn't it?, how we are somehow "attached" to these computers. As if they have some unseen electrical umbilical cord. In my case, it's even worse. In addition to the "regular" computer - I now have a laptop --so I never even have to venture off the couch. I can just slug here and read email - read blogs - reply to email - comment on blogs - check if there are any new geocaches nearby ( ) --or just spend endless hours "googling". If I lack something to do ...(no wait, let me rephrase that)...if I lack the ambition to clean my house...(when does THAT happen?!) - then I can just sit on the couch for hours and "google" things. What is the prognosis for my friend's disease? google it. How far apart do we put the new bluebird houses? google it. What is the actual name of the Disney Princess, Sleeping Beauty? google it. Who wrote that song that's rattling around in my brain? google it. That actress that you just saw on TV...what else did she play in? google it. How do we get rid of the pond scum in our pond? google it. What actually is IN that battery that would explode if we put it in a fire or an incinerator? google it. What do I use to get the ink out of the upholstered chair? google it - no wait --the result would be housecleaning. nevermind. What does a three-toed sloth eat? (oh feet each have five toes.....) 'enough said! you "google"? What is the most bizarre thing you have "googled". Please share - we all want to see just how weird you really are!

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Who would you guess that I am ? said...

Actually I don't Google much. I am more of a kind of guy. Why this site? Two reasons. The first: I simply can not spell word's to save my life. I want my life saved, or at the very least I want to look less stupid. Spelling and correct use and context of a word is a beautiful thing. Why is there no spell check on the blog site?
Remember I said there were two reasons. I said that because there are always two reasons for everything. Every thought, action, or rule. It's kind of like a balance for the universe. For every action there is an equal yet opposite reaction. I said that part to look smart. Now you may think I studied physics. Not true. No more true than my second reason being equal and opposite. My second reason is simply because I love words. It is so amazing to me the quality just one little ostensibly placed word can bring to your writing. Case in point: "ostensibly". I just used that word in my last sentence. Of course I used my site to make sure it was the word I wanted. Sure enough ostensibly, as quoted in means "Represented or appearing as such; ostensive: His ostensible purpose was charity, but his real goal was popularity". That is me. That is what I am saying. I just want to look popular. My Dad used to say; you can't make a silk purse out a sow's ear. Great analogy if you're into women's fashion. But if you just want to make an average guy look smart then use a good word. Words you have to love them.
Next reply will be for better use of grammar. Word's, they're a beautiful thing!