Tuesday, August 30, 2005

sewing needle...yet another psychotic episode

You know....I really think that I am losing my the early age of 45....Just now, I was doing some mending...hand sewing a pair of my husband's boxer briefs. They're black - fruit of the loom - but that's not important. I dug through my sewing box and found just the right shade of green thread. (Why should I sew black fabric with black thread?...that would make sense....). Anyway...I got the thread and the needle and sat down on the couch to sew. After about 20 stitches, I held the boxer briefs up to allow the needle and thread to dangle so that the 'twist' would come out of the thread. oops. The needle fell off the thread and landed in my shirt. But I couldn't find it - anywhere....oh wait, there it I reached for it, it slid futher down the fold in my T-shirt and then it disappeared. I could not find it ANYWHERE! I was in an absolute panic - fearing that Olivia was going to step on it in her bare feet --telling her to "stay put" and "do not get off of your Elmo couch until I find this needle!" I looked for ten minutes --couldn't find it ---by this time I had broken out into a cold sweat (see....I told you I'm losing my mind...all over a stupid needle...). I went to retrieve a powerful magnet---thinking I'd run the magnet across the floor and the couch and my clothes....where is the needle?...still nothing. I went and got the sweeper and swept every inch of a four foot radius from the scene of the crime...and I prayed...and cried. (I TOLD you I'm losing my mind). WHERE IS THE NEEDLE?!?!? After I swept, I opened up the sweeper compartment---there, under the peanuts and popcorn and WalMart smiley sticker which I swept out from under the couch cushions...was the stupid needle. Finally. I could relax. Meanwhile...Olivia is walking around the house asking if I am all done crying. I'm telling you ---I'm losing my mind. Nobody believes me. Someday, you'll be visiting me in the psych. ward and I'll say, "I told you so."

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