Sunday, August 28, 2005


I am fairly new to this whole "blogging" thing....but not at all new to the situation involving a very precious little girl living in Banks, Oregon - named Rebekah. If I knew how, I'd create a link to her page...but since I'm not quite sure how to do that, I can direct you to this website: Once there, click on the link "Personal page" ...then click on "Rebekah's Blog". There you will be able to read Rebekah's story. I ask that you pray for this little one - who is so brave and so strong. She suffers from cancer - specifically, Ewing's Sarcoma. What she has endured thus far has been horrendous ---but she and her family continue to trust in God. They know that He will be faithful to carry her through this ordeal. They know that He could, in an instant, make her completely whole again...they know that He is in control of this situation...they know that He will work everything out for their good and His glory. They trust Him. They know that He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that they can ask or think....they continue to trust...they continue to believe...they continue to derive strength from Him. May we all be reminded as we follow Rebekah's story ---to trust the Lord. For HE ALONE is worthy of our COMPLETE devotion. ....dear reader...take a moment to read Rebekah's story and say a prayer for her....and think about your relationship with the YOU trust Him in ALL areas of your life?...if not, why not? It's not an accident that you're reading this.....It's a divine appointment....Give God a chance. You will no regret it!

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