Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Childhood Memories

Inspired by Pat's childhood memories, here are a few of my own:

Girl Scouts –camping - camping - camping! Some of my BEST childhood times. A lot of them spent with my Mom - who was my troop leader.

Riding my banana seat bike (to faraway places without asking permission)(oops).

Playing games in the yard with Bobbi Jo.

Seeing how high I could bounce a super ball on the sidewalk.

Summer-long Monopoly games on the porch at Seltzer’s.

Playing with my Barbie dolls.

Sunday School in the “annex”.

Family holiday dinners at Grandma C’s—eating homemade ravioli until you could ravioli me right out the door!

Roller skating –both on the sidewalk and in the rink. My skates were handed down from my Mom and they had cool wooden wheels. I could go much faster than the kids with rubber wheeled skates—at least until one cracked and broke, sending ball bearing scattering all over the rink floor...and me...kersplat!

Marathon games of Canasta with Mom, Dad and Grandma P.

Good times with the church youth group.

CA (Christ Ambassador) conventions every Easter weekend in Harrisburg.

Missionettes –and all the fun times with the girls. With the one exception of swinging on the vine and falling into the ravine....but that’s another blog....

Marathon games of Scrabble with Grandma P. (she usually won –she used words that I had never heard of –like “fez”. What in the world was a fez? Of course, now I know....and use that word all the time when I’m winning against Brillo Man.)

Going to Grandma P’s and always having a batch of brownies waiting for me in the rectangle plastic tupperware-like container on top of the metal cabinet.

Eating Grandma C’s fabulous pies. She made THE BEST pies.

Listening to Dad’s endless tinkling of spoon upon glass as he stirred his bottomless glass of summertime iced tea!

Sitting in the dining room in front of the mirror letting Mom brush my hair with the brushes from the “brush” drawer. I wonder what she’s got in that drawer these days?

Lying in bed listening to the thunderstorms on summer nights.

Saturday nights watching Lawrence Welk with Mom, Dad, Rob and a big bowl of popcorn. (I wanted to BE Ralna!)

Enjoying the rare occasion when Dad would sit down and play and sing –he ALWAYS played Malagueña and The Lord’s Prayer.

Enjoying watching my youngest brother and sister climb the pussy willow tree which was planted in honor of my younger sister’s birth.

Watching Timmy B. kill ants in his driveway. His methods were as bizarre as he.

Sitting on the porch on summer nights with family and friends and watching our world.

Stopping at Shirley G’s for coffee and laughs.

Running NON-STOP for four blocks down the hill from my elementary school on my way home for lunch. Then eating a fabulous lunch prepared by Mom and begging a dime to stop at “Tom’s”, the corner store, on the way back to school in the afternoon. In those days, a dime bought a LOT more than it does today. I could buy a Reeses Cup and five pieces of penny candy or a whole 12 oz bottle of Coke, or an ice cream sandwich or TWO popsicles!

Wednesday and Sunday evenings after church, gathered at a restaurant with all my church youth group friends, eating and carrying on and having a grand time!

When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.
--I Corinthians 13:11


Pat said...

I have to run now, gotta get to work....but I'll be back to comment cuz I LOVE this post!!

char said...

Boy, that all sounds like fun. Where have those days gone? Thanks for the stroll down memory lane!

Pat said...

Me again!
Christ Ambassadors and Missionettes are also part of my life. Did you sing the "we are Christ's ambassadors" song?
I love reading all of your memories - they are the sweetness of life. Sounds like I would have enjoyed eating with you at Grandma C's and P's!
You liked Lawerence Welk? I actually went to his show and sat in the audience..jealous? A wunerful, awunerful!
These are all so great - they bring back even more of my own memories, I may have to continue my list!
To me it just show that memories are not made of things purchased, but of love and simple pleasures.
Now I want some ravioli and brownies.

Lori said...

Do you mean to tell me I had a tree planted in MY honor and I didn't even know it? I would have kicked David out of MY tree had I known! Geesh!

Jada's Gigi said...

Lots of these sound familiar...:) and have great memories for me too...but you did play a lot of board games..we never did much of that...except Gin Rummy...and
We always had CA conventions in Montgomery on some holiday...Thanksgiving maybe??

KayMac said...

Great memories!! I do remember penny candy!